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                                      PHOTO & VIDEOS CENTRE

                                               PHOTO CENTRE

There is now an Archive Photo Centre for 2002 to 2006 and a New Photo Centre.

The New Photo Centre covers pictures from 2007 onwards and is located at another Website hosted by Picasa/Google. This includes pictures from Australia, Spain and Normandy and of the Tour de Fances visit to the UK. You can view thumbnails of all the pictures in an Album, go through them at your own speed or play a Slideshow. Click the link below and to return to this page use "back" on your Browser

Current Photo Centre. From 2007

or to go directly to an Album by clicking a link below

Australia 2007

Spain 2007

Normandy 2007

If you wish to download all of the pictures in one of these Albums to your own Computer you can do so by downloading the free Picasa Photo organising software from Google. Note - Only feasible with Broadband. Click the link below -

Download Picasa

The Archive Photo Centre is located at another Website hosted by Multiply. This includes pictures from 2002 to 2006

Archive Photo Centre

When you get to the Archive Photo Centre To view all the Albums click view all. Click on an Album to view its pictures. Click the first picture to view larger picture and then use the "next" control to scroll through the pictures. Alternately click the Slide Show link. Use the slider to control Slide change speed and the button next to this to go to full screen

To return to the Club Website any time use the Back button on the Browser or the link at the Archive Website

View pictures of the 2002 Ridgeway trip, the 2002 Alps Tour, the 2003 Tour of Tuscany, the June 2003 Tour of the US Southwest, the July 2003 Ride of the South Downs Way. Lanzarote, Normandy and Greece 2004, the Jan/Feb 2005 trip to Chile, New Zealand and Australia, the 2005 trips to Tuscany and Crete and the 2006 tour of the USA including Death Valley.

Pictures of the 2005 tour to Chile, New Zealand and Australia and of  the Tour of Australia in January February and March 2007 are also on a Blog or Online Diary. Link to this is below.


Pictures of a tour of California including Death Valley and Yosemite in June 2006 are on another Blog or online Diary






                                        VIDEO CENTRE

See below Videos of Club Rides and Holidays uploaded to the YouTube website. Depending on your Security Settings you may have to click on the Information Bar which may appear at the Top and click on "Allow blocked content" in order to see the Video. Double Click on the Arrow in the middle for a Video to play. The Video should play on this webpage but may open a new window and play in the YouTube Website in which case you need to click on the Browser back button to come back to this website to play another Video. Alternatively go to the YouTube website and play a video from there by clicking on a video on the list below. All the Videos were taken with a very small Digital Camera.

Lanzarote Bicycle Ride Surprise




Normandy 2007. Cycling the lanes


A fast Club Ride to New Arlesford. Taken in July 2003


Phil and Mary Tandem riding up a 2000ft mountain on Andros Island, Greece. Taken in October 2006


Richard Boulton  riding up a 2000ft mountain on Andros Island, Greece taken in October 2006


Phil and Mary, Richard and Peter Wilson taking a Banana break sheltering in a Bus Shelter from the strong wind on Andros. Taken in October 2006.






Kangaroos cross the road during the 2007 Australia Tour




Cycling in eastern Victoria, Australia to the sound of loudly screeching Cockatoos