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NOTE - If you get a security warning for this Page or the Website it is either because the Website has not been checked yet or because we cannot afford the special extra security for making online payments. If you follow one of the links below to either Renew or Subscribe you will go to an outside page of a larger organisation which has the extra security which is shown as the web address starting HTTPS rather than HTTP and has a Green Padlock


Subscriptions are 6 per household per year and provides a copy every quarter of the Colour A5 Pedaller Magazine plus provided you opt in to receive emails you get the Groups Rides List every quarter with a more detailed Rides List than that on the Website including Sunday Rides, Evening. Renewals are due by 31 January 2023


IMPORTANT -  All Renewals and New Subscriptions must be done online. The new system is a combined Form and payment and nothing goes through unless both the Form is filled in and payment is made. Pay with Paypal or Debit Card. More details and instructions further down. Follow the links below for the Forms, one for Renewals and one for New Members. If you cannot do it online scroll to the bottom of this page for an alternative system.


Most people will find the form and payment fairly straightforward. If however you get problems or you are limited in computer knowledge click the link for detailed instructions with screenshots.  How to Renew for the Computer Challenged


NOTE - to receive emails from us in future including emails with the Rides List and Email updates with changes or cancellations to Rides you need to opt in with a special online form. This is required by new Data Protection Rules and is additional to the Renew or Subscribe Form Go to http://eepurl.com/dvqjY5

You only need to do this once, not every time you renew.


Renewal Form

Important.  Please follow the link below to a Form which allows you to fill in your required details and make payment. The form is mobile friendly.



New Subscriber Form. Please follow the link below to a Form which allows you to fill in your required details and make payment. The form is mobile friendly. For New Subscribers only payments made after 1 September cover the rest of this year and all of next year.




When the form and payment are done you get an automatic email receipt and our Treasurer and Membership Secretaries also get automated notifications. This saves our volunteers hours of unnecessary time in dealing with offline payments and confirming who is a member. Payment can be made either by Paypal or Debit/Credit Card. Note if you pay by debit/credit card after clicking "Go to Paypal" on the form then on the next page under the login boxes click Pay with Debit/Credit Card and your details will be prefilled. First thing to do is change country at the top from United States to United Kingdom and then fill in card details as usual


For anybody without access to the Internet or who cannot or does not want to make online payments there are workarounds so you can pay somebody offline but it still goes through our online systems. For full details and instructions please scroll down to the bottom of this page.


NOTE the reason we must have a form completed with your payment is to comply with Data Protection Laws. We MUST have your consent to hold information about you such as your address and email to send you the Pedaller and emailed copy of the Rides List.


Please do not embarrass our Treasurer by trying to pay him on a ride. This will have to be rejected and the same goes for any cheques posted to him.


Renewals are due by 31 January 2023 and cover the Pedaller Magazine quarters from Spring 2023 to Winter 2024

If you cannot make an online payment you have 2 options. Please follow the instructions carefully

1) Ask a family member or friend to do it for you. You need to give them your details as on the form and your choices as to whether you belong the National CTC/Cycling UK and whether you consent to your details being shared with other Club members in a members List. We suggest you print out and complete the form (links below) and fill it in and hand it over. Pay them the money for the Sub either cash or a cheque made out to them not the Club. Note that it is one operation when done online, filling in the form and making payment so your friend/family needs to fill in YOUR details on the form. Also it is very important that at the end of the form your friend/family fills in their own name where it says "If somebody else will pay for you state their name here" Your friend/family should note that when they click Go to Paypal they will first see a login box for use if they have a Paypal Account. If they have a Paypal Account they should note that the email address will be prefilled with your email address. They need to change that to their own email address and login and make payment as usual. If your friend/family does not have a Paypal Account they need to click Pay with Debit Credit Card. They will find your details are prefilled in so will need to change those to their own details and fill in their card details as usual. They need to change country from United States to United Kingdom to get the address details right.

2) Print out a form and fill with your details as above. Post with a cheque for 6 made out to Graeme Hodge, not made out to the club or it will be returned. Post form and cheque to

Graeme Hodge, 1 Juxon Close, Chichester, W Sussex, PO19 7AA

Graeme will then act as your friend as above and fill in the form for you and make payment to the Club online with his own Paypal Account.

Click the links below for Forms to Print out to use with the above instructions

Renewal Form 

New Subscription Form