GUIDANCE FOR RIDERS (January 2009)

1.         General

Please note that it has been agreed that the start time shown in the Rides List will be the departure time for the ride and there is a warning about this in the Rides List. It is up to you to get to the start point on time or you may miss the ride.

Note that if it is pouring with rain by the Start Time the ride may be cancelled and the Leader will not be at the start point. If you are in any doubt you should telephone the leader at the number given on the Rides List.

Please bring with you on rides everything needed to mend a puncture. It is best to have at least 1 spare tube to save time together with tyre levers and some tools. Please bring a pump.

In Winter please bring with you lights in case of a delayed return. Lights will be needed for all Evening Rides. Please bring with you suitable clothing for current and likely weather conditions.

All those taking part in Sunday Rides must be members of the National CTC as well as the local Group. This is an Insurance reqirement. You are allowed up to 5 rides as a Guest before joining. This rule does not apply if you only take part in Saturday Rides, Evening Rides and Wednesday Rides as these are organised by an associated Club. National CTC joining details from or ask Avryl Bavister for a leaflet.


2.      Group Riding

It will be normal for the group to ride close together often in pairs unless it is a busy road. If a car approaches from behind it will be necessary to single out. Cars are becoming quieter and with a large group a warning will be shouted from the back of the group such as “car up” or “oil up”. It is helpful to pass this warning up the group as in a large group riders at the front may not hear the warning.

Be careful when riding in a group. It is best to maintain a safe gap from the rear wheel of the person in front and at no time allow your front wheel to overlap the wheel of the person in front as this could be extremely dangerous.. If you have to slow down or stop suddenly shout a warning to the rider behind. Never overtake a rider on the inside.

Riders must take care of their own safety and take care riding on and crossing busy roads and at junctions and follow the directions of the Highway Code.


3        The Route

The route is planned at the discretion of the Leader.  Main roads will be avoided wherever possible. If rough track riding is intended the group will be advised and if necessary a road alternative offered to a point where members can re-group. The distance given for the ride in the Rides List is only an approximate indication of return distance from the start point. The distance could vary by about five miles above or ten miles below the estimate.



4          Pace on Rides

Leaders will aim to keep the pace of the ride down to that of the slowest member on flat sections of the ride so that nobody especially new members feel too pressured by

the speed of the group. Hills either up or down should normally be taken by all the riders at their own pace and then aim to re-group at the top or bottom as appropiate. To ensure that the pace of rides is not disrupted all riders should stay behind the Leader at all times except on hills which will be followed by a regrouping


5         Children on Rides

After consultation with the National CTC the general advice to the Club is that children under 16 should not come on rides unless accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult. Leaders cannot be placed in the position of taking on effective legal responsibility for such a child.


6.        Rough stuff on Rides

Cyclists are legally entitled to ride on bridlepaths subject to giving way to horse riders and walkers. Cycling on footpaths on private land constitutes civil trespass if undertaken without the consent of the owner although there have been no known proceedings. Cycling on a pavement or footpath adjoining a road is a criminal offence but only if it adjoins a road.

       Stops on the Ride

There will normally be either a stop for coffee at a café or a roadside break mid morning. There will be a lunch break at a café or Pub.Some members buy lunch and some bring sandwiches to eat nearby before going to the Pub for a drink.



8.         Evening Rides

You should bring lights for these rides as the return ride will be in the dark. The rides are on a flat area of the coastal plain and are at at an easy pace and are a good introduction to newcomers

9.         Saturday Rides

The monthly Saturday afternoon rides are designed to encourage newcomers and will be at an easy pace and the route planned to avoid hills as much as possible.


10.      Midweek Rides (daytime)


These rides are held on Wednesdays all year. These are all day rides which are short and at an easy pace. They are essentially social rides with in general more time spent at the stops than riding. The riders meet at a café for elevenses. The meeting point and lunch stop are decided between members the evening before and can be obtained by ringing one of the members listed as a contact for Wednesday Rides in the Rides List.


11.     Social Events


Please pay any deposit due by no later than the deadline stated in the Rides List. Venues have to be booked and if you are late you are likely to miss the event and cause unnecessary work to the Organiser.